Access your documents on the cloud using your phone


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Box is the official app for the service that goes by the same name and which allows its users to access all the content they may have uploaded onto their Box account so they can view it that very moment, or download it directly onto the Android device's memory.

Among the features included in this version of the app are the options of creating, viewing and accessing content using your Android device; loading different images, videos and files from an SD card onto your Box account; and sharing folders and files with other users using web links.

Likewise, you can use the app to invite users to collaborate on your shared folders and leave comments for them in the files, find content quickly thanks to the integrated search function, and save files you create using other apps directly onto your Box account.

Box is a very interesting app for users of this cloud storage system, as it gives you the tools you need to get the most out of it using your mobile phone.
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